Words and Tibits
on Chinese Customs

By: Stella Fong

Long Life Birthday

          Today you entered the world
          Many, many years ago.
          Becoming your parents' pearl.
          As you grew and unfurled.

          Celebrate this day
          With your favorite foods.
          Let love ones give your way
          For this is your holiday.

          If you desire happiness and long life,
          Partake in noodles in large portions.
          But do not cut them with a knife,
          For then your days will fill with strife.

          Eat "soup globs" or "tong yuens"
          For inside these sweet chewy balls,
          A burst of sweetness will return
          Joy to your palate and interns.

          Do not shower or bathe today,
          As you do not want to wash,
          All luck and joy away,
          Making sure that they are here to stay.

          Walk the red carpet today
          For celebrate your grand entrance of yesterday.

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She teaches Asian style cooking classes to adults and children in Southern California.

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