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Professor Cynthia Lee Honored for Excellence in Teaching

The University of San Diego, School of Law, announced in September 1996, that Professor Cynthia Lee has been honored as the recipient of the 1996 Thorsnes Prize for Excellence in Teaching. This is an annual award based on the vote of the current student body of the law school. Congratulations!

San Diego Chinese Center Scholarships

In August 1996, the San Diego Chinese Center announced the recipients of five, one thousand dollar scholarships. The GWAE LAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP winners for 1996 are: Bau Tu; Minh Chau; Tinh Dang; Danthuy Huynh; and Jane Le. This scholarship program was established by Hwei-Chih and Julia Hsiu in honor of Mr. Hsiu's mother. The 1995 winners were: Chin-Hui Chen; Karney Chang; Jimmy Ly; Tam Luu; and Tai Van.

Virginia Fung Memorial Scholarships

Also in August 1996, the HOUSE OF CHINA in Balboa Park announced the five recipients of it Virginia Fung Memorial Scholarships of two hundred dollars each. The winners are: Mai Du; Yanjun Hu; Mark Yen; Kendall Lowrey; and Johnny Hu.

From right to left are: Rev. Karl Fung, Scholarship Committee Chair; Mai Du; Yanjun Hu; Mark Yen; Kendall Lowrey; Nancy Lo, Committee Member; and Rev. Chin-Lee Chan, Committee Member. Not pictured is Johnny Hu.

Protest Against China

On March 15, 1996, a group of about 450 pro-Taiwan sympathizers marched in front of the Federal building downtown.

They gathered to show support for the United States' involvement in the tense situation between the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Republic of China (ROC) over the pending free election in Taiwan. Protestors carried signs denouncing PRC's war game exhibition in the Formosa Strait. Others carried signs to encourage the support of the United States for ROC.

This demonstration was peaceful and well organized. It represented one of the first times that the Chinese community in San Diego has demonstrated political activism.

Asian Entrepreneur of the Year Awarded to Diana Mar Jip-Chuh

This prestigious award is given to an entrepreneur each year who holds high achievements in two or more of the following areas: contribution to business, occupation, or profession; community services; advancement of government services or political reform; leadership; and contribution to public awareness. For 1995, the Asian Business Association selected Mrs. Diana Mar Jip-Chuh, President of the House of Nine Dragons, Inc. She joined past winners, Port Commissioner Susan Lew and Allan Camaisa of High Technology Solutions, Inc., as the third recipient of this award.

Attorney Peter Quon Joins WSU Hall of Fame

State Deputy Attorney General, Peter Quon, was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Western State University, College of Law. His accomplishments were many. In 1994, he was selected State Prosecutor of the Year. The award was presented to him in person by Attorney General Dan Lungren. This award was in recognition of his exemplary work in a very difficult first degree murder case in which he obtained convictions. In his 15 years with the State Attorney General's Office, he has litigated criminal cases at every judicial level, including the United States Supreme Court. Mr. Quon is active in the San Diego community. He is or has served on boards or advisory committees for the following: San Diego Community College District, the Union of Pan Asian Communities, the Golden Hills Mediation Center, United Ways of San Diego, Asian Pacific Bar of California, and the Pan-Asian Lawyers of San Diego.

Remembrance of Those Who Died

On August 20, 1995, the Chinese Community of San Diego sponsored an event to commemorate the end of the Sino-Japanese War fifty years ago. Over 20 community organizations participated in the event at the Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park. The event focused on the atrocities committed by the Japanese Army in China.

A photographic exhibit chronicled some of the horrors of war. Hundreds of park visitors studied the display. Some visitors would not allow their youngsters to view the gruesome pictures. The official ceremony featured a presentation by Mr. Tillman Durdin, a journalist for the New York Times. He was in the City of Nanking during the invasion and witnessed the atrocities committed by the Japanese Army. Over 300,000 civilians were kill in Nanking. Professors Paochin Chu of San Diego State University and Joseph Chen of University of California at San Diego spoke of their research study of the biological experimentation conducted by the Japanese. It is estimated that over 35,000,000 Chinese lost their lives in this tragic World War II.

The event was organized by Mr. Daniel Chang, chairman of the sponsoring participants. He wanted to educate the younger generation of man's inhumanity to man. He wanted the Japanese government to acknowledge their wrongs. He wanted truth to ring out. He stated, "We can forgive, but we cannot forget."

Virginia Fung Hom Memorial Scholarship

The House of China announced the five scholarship winners of the VIRGINIA HOM FUNG MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP. Each recipient received a check for $200 towards their continued education in learning the Chinese language. The winners are: QUINN CHAU; CORINNE CHEN; JULIE CHIM; CHRISTINA HOM; and EMILY TANG. Approximately, ninety persons attended the awards luncheon at the San Choy Restaurant on September 9, 1995.

Herbert Cheng Scholarship

A donation of $100,000 has been made by Herbert Cheng and fellow Trustees of the Chiap Hua Cheng's Foundation in Hong Kong to UCSD's Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies' Program. The fund is to support Chinese graduate students engaged in international study and who intend to return to China upon completion of their studies.

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