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Museum Grand Opening on January 13, 1996

Dedication Address by Historical Society President Alex Chuang

The San Diego Chinese Historical Museum project was a renovation of the first Chinese Mission building in San Diego. It was physically picked up and moved from its original site to make way for the development of the Horton Plaza Shopping Center. The Chinese Historical Society of Greater San Diego and Baja California is the legal owner of this historical Museum building.

The location of this Museum is at the corner of Third Avenue and "J" Street, south of Market Street, downtown San Diego. Go take a look!

The work of Tom Hom, former City Councilman and State Assemblyman, and his wife, Dorothy Hom, were responsible for much of this successful completion of the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum. However, the project may have never made it without the help of the Republic of China's contribution of about $250,000.

Another person to thanks is Alex Chuang, the current president of the Chinese Historical Society of Greater San Diego and Baja California. He obtained pledges and financial support of over $220,000 from donors in the community. He also designed the museum's garden.

The Centre City Development Corporation, a redevelopment agency of the City of San Diego, is providing the land at a nominal lease rate and has made street improvements in the area. Like many successful projects, the dedicated efforts of many persons were involved. Sally Wong, Murray Lee, Joe Wong, Tim Yeun, Joe Yamada, and many others made this project a success.

A Board of Trustees (part of the Chinese Historical Society) will operate this Museum. The Chair of the Trustee Board is Dr. Shu Chien of UCSD.

San Diego Chinese Museum

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