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Organizational Structure

The Articles of Incorporation of the Chinese Historical Society of Greater San Diego and Baja California were filed at the office of the Secretary of State of the State of California on June 3, 1986. The San Diego Chinese Historical Society was organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes.

The specific aim is to operate an organization with emphasis on the historical, scientific, literary, and educational contributions and influences of the Chinese people in the Greater San Diego and Baja California region. According to Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, the Historical Society is exempt from federal income taxes. The governing body of Chinese Historical Society is the Board of Directors, which consists of five to fifteen members.

In January 1996, the Board of Directors submitted an amendment entitled: "Article XV. San Diego Chinese Historical Museum" to its membership, which was approved. The amendment authorized the corporation to own and operate a museum called the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum. The amendment designated a Board of Trustees to oversee the Museum's operation. The Board of Trustees receives its authority and responsibility from the Board of Directors of the Chinese Historical Society and operates with a subset of bylaws and operating procedures.

The Board of Trustees, consisting of fifteen members, meets bimonthly and provides the overall guidance and direction for the Museum. The Staff of the museum under the supervision of the Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Museum. Three part-time administrative assistants provide the services needed for the Museum and remain the only paid staff members to date.

The mission of the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum is to provide an avenue for sharing the Chinese American experience with our fellow Americans and other interested people. This includes the rich heritage of the Chinese immigrants and contributions of the Chinese people throughout history. The Chinese American experience and contributions are an important part of understanding and appreciating the dynamic and diverse makeup of our American society.

1998 Board of Directors, San Diego Chinese Historical Society

Michael Lee, President*
Dr. Arthur Risser, Vice-President
Michael Yee, Secretary*
Sawyer Hsu, Treasurer*

Dr. Alexander Chuang*
Dorothy Hom
Virginia Kim
Donna Lee
Milton Low, Esq.
John Tang
James Ming Wang
Dr. Richard T. Wang

1998 Board of Trustees, San Diego Chinese Historical Museum

Shao-Chi Lin, Chairperson
Murray K. Lee, Vice-Chairperson
Marion So, Secretary
Carmen Tom, Treasurer

Eleanor Bregman, Esq.
Jenny Benson
Dr. Shu Chien
Dr. Alexander Chuang
Sawyer Hsu
Liang C. Ku
Michael Lee
Dr. Polly Liew
Dr. Shao-Chi Lin
Dr. Robert Reiss
Michael Yee

*These members serve on both the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors

San Diego Chinese Historical Museum

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