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The Museum

The Museum has an exquisite Asian garden, designed by Dr. Alexander Chuang and Joe Yamada, a prominent landscape architect. The garden has a waterfall, stream, small bridge, fishpond, stone path and decorative rocks interspersed with a variety of plants. At the entrance of the garden is a magnificent gate dedicated to the memory of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and donated by one of his descendants. The bridge is a memorial to the late Ambassador Everett Drumright. It commemorates his contributions, bridging the people of two nations - the Republic of China and the United States of America. A large bronze statue of Confucius adorns the courtyard of the Asian Garden. This was a gift from the Ministry of Education, R.O.C. to the City of San Diego. The presence of Confucius represents the long history of Chinese moral principles and traditions.

The Museum has a small library containing approximately 700 books on or relating to Chinese history. About half of the books were donated by the library of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). The others are donations from Dr. Arlene Chen, Mrs. Florence Drumright and other individuals. About two-thirds of the books are written in Chinese and the other third in English. At present, books are not available to be checked out due to limited personnel to handle paperwork. A limited video library and a television/VCR contain historical and educational materials on subjects such as Angel Island. Antique rosewood furniture provides the seating area for both reading and viewing. Many local college and high school students have visited the Museum for research projects.

The Museum also holds fourteen exhibit cases on permanent display. Featured items include instruments from a traditional Chinese study room, maps and books from American diplomatic personnel residing in Peiping, China during the 1930s, antique art objects from the from the Ch'ing Dynasties donated by Mr. And Mrs. Harold Canavan, three cabinets dedicated to the Chinese American veterans of W.W.II, archeological artifacts from the Ballast Point Fishing Industry and the former Chinatown of San Diego, Yi-Shing teapots of modern Stoneware, embroidered shoes for bound feet, and ancient coins from the Ching Dynasty.

San Diego Chinese Historical Museum

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