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Future Plans

The mission of the Museum is to collect and preserve documents, photographs, and artifacts relative to Chinese American history and heritage, and to provide an ongoing educational program.

In order to achieve this, the Museum needs to enhance its professional staff, acquire additional space for use in the development and assembly of exhibits, and implement the proper protection of its archival material. The establishment of an endowment with the generation of annual income will insure the availability of the funds needed to accomplish these tasks.

The Museum is currently negotiating for rental spaces in a building in the neighborhood to provide a workshop, a storage space, and an assembly room. In addition, the possibility of utilizing computer software to inventory the collections is being investigated. The educational program will include a library of pertinent Chinese historical literature. The Museum will publish and exchange with other museums the results of its historical research, oral history, and findings.

The Museum intends to develop contacts, both foreign and domestic, in order to bring in outstanding future exhibits. Depictions of early Chinese paper making and the ancient Chinese silk culture process are just some ideas to develop. Also the Society's oral history efforts will be formalized in order to preserve the accounts of its many Chinese senior citizens and those with unusual or representative family histories.

Another goal is to enhance the present audio-visual capability - video and other projected visual materials for future events, including exhibits from other museums and galleries. Individual video monitors for brief hands-on educational programs are also planned. The Trustees have appointed a committee to begin the accreditation process following the guidelines provided by the American Association of Museums. The goal is to meet these requirements in two years.

The Museum has close relationships with important local educational institutions: including UCSD and SDSU. We plan to have joint research and study programs in the future.

An archival book has been created to document the lives of Chinese American war veterans from the greater San Diego area. The Chinese American World War II Registration Book is a collection dedicated to the remembrance of the courageous deeds of these honorary individuals through photographs, documents, and biographies.

In the past two and half years, the Chinese Historical Museum has sponsored seventeen exhibits, several celebrations and commemorations for special historical events and numerous educational programs. In July 31, 1997 the San Diego-Taichung Sister City Organization cosponsored an exhibit with the Chinese Historical Museum. On loan from the museum of the Taichung Municipal Cultural Center in Taiwan, thirty-seven aboriginal artifacts from the Ch'ing Dynasty (1644-1911) were exhibited. Shown for the first time outside of Taiwan, it was a reflection of the Museum's commitment to the community by exhibiting works of quality. It is our desire to display more exhibits such as this one in the future to continue to celebrate the Chinese American community and culture.

San Diego Chinese Historical Museum

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