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Sources of Funding

During the construction of the Museum, the Planning and Management Committee was formed. One of their main efforts was to raise funds. The majority of funds came from private donations, and a small portion came from corporate and government sponsorship. Presently, funds are used for operating expenses - maintenance of the building, landscaping, and exhibits, in addition to personnel salaries. Since its opening in January 1996, the Museum has 20-30 visitors per day and occasional large groups of educational or community organizations interested in Chinese history. The Museum does not charge admission at this time; however, a donation box is provided. The Museum plans to apply for accreditation after the two-year evaluation. This will allow the Museum to apply for grants from appropriate foundations.

Beginning in August 1996, the Museum created a souvenir counter, carrying carefully selected affordable, high-quality merchandise. These art objects are rich in Chinese history and culture. The income from this shop is about $2,000 a year.

To demonstrate their commitment to the museum, the Museum Board of Trustees began to make $1000 individual donations annually beginning in 1997. This has provided an excellent example for others to follow. Another source of funding is from exhibiting works of contemporary Chinese artists. The Museum collects a 1/3 commission from sales generated at the exhibit.

Financial Contributions that have been made by the Directors and Trustees:

Dr. Robert Reiss - $12,300; Dr. Shao-Chi Lin - $11,800; Liang C. Ku - $10,000; Dr. Polly Liew - $10,000; Jenny Benson - $6,000; Dr. Shu Chien - $5,000; Dr. Alexander Chuang - $5,000; Marian So - $5,000; Michael Lee - $5,000; Eleanor Bregman - $4,000; Michael Yee - $3,000; Carmen Tom - $3,500; Dorothy Hom - $2,000 ; Murray Lee - $2,000; Sawyer Hsu - $2,000; and Jim Ming Wang - $2,000.

Proposal for Raising $100,000 Matching Fund

I. General Fundraising Campaign

A letter and a summary report of the accomplishments of the Museum will be sent to all the Society members, previous donors, and supporters of the museum to ask for support for the endowment campaign, which will match your most generous contribution. The corporations who contributed to the museum in the past will also be approached. Based on the $450,000 contribution generated in the early phase of the museum construction and development, we are confident that $100,000 will be raised during the next year.

II. Board Member Responsibilities:

Each Director and Trustee will be responsible for not only personal contributions, but also the generation of contributions from their friends and colleagues.

III. Fundraising events

1. Karaoke fundraising event, which will include a night of karaoke singing where songs will be sold at individual prices.

2. An art auction during exhibitions held at the Museum.

3. A fund-raising party held at the opening of a special exhibit at the Museum.

4. Donor Plaques will be displayed on the exterior walls of the museum (on the patio) which will display the names of those who give donations to the Museum.

Any suggestions you may have which can help raise funds for the matching will be greatly appreciated.

San Diego Chinese Historical Museum

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