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1996 Activities

January 13, 1996: Grand Opening Celebration

April 25, 1996: The Arts of Living in China

This exhibit featured the arts of Chinese calligraphy, tea drinking, ceramics, and face painting. In the Chinese calligraphy section, the Four Treasures of the Study were on display: writing brushes, ink sticks, ink slabs, and paper. The art of tea drinking, an old tradition that can be compared to the French art of wine-tasting, was documented through photographs and written descriptions, illustrating both the process of growing and producing tea, and the ritual of drinking tea. This documentation was juxtaposed with traditional tea holders, pots, and cup. Displayed in two adjunct showcases, were replicas of porcelain vases from various dynasties. The case highlighting face painting, displayed several examples of make-up used in traditional Chinese opera. All items were on loan from local families in the San Diego community.

November 11, 1996: Veteran's Day Reception and Exhibit

Since Veterans Day 1996, a special exhibit on Chinese American Veterans of San Diego has been on display in the Museum. A substantial amount of information was assembled: documents, photographs, and personal belongings of Chinese American veterans. A total of twelve veterans were honored; eleven, who served in World War II and one, in the Korean War. At the reception, the honored guests were impressed and touched by the Museum's efforts to recognize each one of them individually.

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