Long Beach Dragon Boat Race 1998

Long Beach Dragon Boats Racing

The Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival

is sponsored by the International Culture Exchange Association (ICEA) based in the Los Angeles area. This association is a non-profit organization with the goal of promoting mutual interaction between East and West. The group organizes various events for students. One of the main event is the Long Beach Dragon Boat racing competition, started in 1997.

In 1998, ICEA sponsored the San Diego International Dragon Boat Team to compete in Taipei. The San Diego team came in second overall to the Taipei Marine Police Team. Following the Taipei event, the Marine Police Team was invited to compete in Long Beach. Again, the Marine Police barely edged out the San Diego team in the finals to win the Long Beach 1998 title.

In 1999, the race will be held on July 31st & August 1st at the Long Beach Marine Stadium (the southern end of Long Beach).


International Culture Exchange Association
212 South Garfield Avenue
Monterey Park, CA 91755-2904

Tel: (626) 288-2888 Fax: (626) 968-9588

Some of the directors of this group are:

Dr. Howard Chen; Cheung Cheuk Man; Eric Cheung; Chan Cheung Hung; and Simmon Chen.

See the 1983 San Diego Dragon Boat Race
Against Singapore

1999 World Dragon Boat Racing Championship
Nottingham, England ( August 25-30 )

Stanley Dragon Boat Race, Hong Kong

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