The Plight of
Chinese in Indonesia

I am JT from the Huaren Organization which was formed some 6 weeks ago by a few Chinese working professionals of different nationalities around the world. I was just a quiet Research Chemist doing my job quietly in New Zealand until I read the horrible news about the racial violence and scapegoating of Chinese in Indonesia.

This kind of nasty periodic event has been going on for decades. The Chinese, especially the poor, has been the victim of inhumane racial discrimination. They are banned from participating in politics, learning Chinese languages, or even using their Chinese names.

For all the decades of suffering, Chinese outside Indonesia looked away from them, pretended nothing happened, or were too embarrassed or too scared to talk about it.

After having read several messages regarding the plight of the Chinese in Indonesia posted at the various Chinese news group, I was very upset and contacted several of them to be proactive rather than just moan and groan like the past generations. So we started a campaign some 6 weeks ago urging people to fax and email messages to the Indonesian embassy urging their government to take steps now to stop the violence against Chinese and stop blaming them for their financial crisis.

The financial disasters come about because of Indonesian government's incompetence and corruption. The ultra Muslim extremists now want to bar Chinese business man from certain business activities, and take away their business and pass it to their own Muslim people. Initially our campaign was purely exposing the horrible violence and discrimination at the internet news groups. As the numbers of supporters increases beyond our expectation, we decided to build a web site with a team of very passionate Chinese computer web site experts, computer engineers, and academics to coordinate the effort of supporters and for supporters to post their messages.

We received so many heart warming email from around the world, even from places we don't expect such as Japan and Germany. I have witnessed Chinese showing so much care about fellow Chinese. I was so wrong. Our intention was trying to promote a strong spirit of cooperation, help among Chinese of all nationalities world wide, so that we will be in a stronger position to serve a notice to the Indonesian government and their anti-Chinese politicians.

The reason I believe why the Chinese people is such an easy target to any racist group is because most Chinese are too soft, avoid speaking out, and hardly put up a 'fight', despite the fact we are the largest group in the world. I come to this conclusion from watching the wild animals on TV. The hunting animals will always pick the easiest victim such as the weakest one (one that never fights back or not able to defend oneself), or a group of victims that never cooperate to fight back or defend themselves.

From the email we received so far, the attitude has changed for the better, most want to know more and how they can help. I am sure our campaign has finally make Chinese to be so much more cooperative and caring for fellow Chinese.

Please visit , it's not completed yet but it will give you enough idea of our objective.

My purpose of contacting you is asking your organization to cooperate with us to help those Chinese in Indonesia even just by linking to our web site and let as many people known of our mission and our web site address.


Date Posted: March 1998

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