Ji Shan Village, China

by Rev. Dr. Robert Fung

My name is Robert Fung, a Chinese American. My wife, Kay, and I have been fortunate to live in our second home in Ji Shan Village, Zhuhai Special Economic Zone, People's Republic of China, every two years or so, for the last fifteen years.

Each time we return to China to enjoy our retirement, we try to find ways to enrich the lives of the people in Ji Shan Village. We are by no means rich, but we have been able to save some money during our working years. We have had the opportunity to contribute money to help build a new kindergarten building in the village some years ago.

(The picture on the left showed the children inside the old school in 1982. They are in their twenties, now. The picture on the right, dated 1990, is the new school.)

In recent times, we gave two big parties for the kindergarten children and their parents and grandparents. We had the premises of the kindergarten weeded and cleaned and the poles of the fences surrounding the building painted. In November of 1994, we had the wall of the assembly room of the kindergarten tiled after the building was flooded by the recent rains.

Each time we returned to China, we were amazed and delighted at the rapid progress that Ji Shan Village and the rest of the east coast of China have made. From a tiny fishing and farming village, Ji Shan Village blossomed into almost a "new" village with many new beautiful homes springing up right and left, even as I write this article.

Straight new roads without potholes, improved transportation, and increased modern communication facilities have attracted new factories and business enterprises into Zhuhai. Ji Shan Village had for instance, numerous females from other provinces of China working in its electronic plants. There is a spirit of prosperity infusing the whole area which is very apparent. Of course, the population in the village has increased.

The Overseas Affairs Office of the Zhuhai People's Government, from our first arrival to Zhuhai, has been very helpful in making us feel "at home away from home". Their solicitation and care for all Chinese-Americans and overseas Chinese visiting China is a great asset to China in its endeavor to promote tourism in this country. We are indeed grateful to this very important arm of the government and are sure it will continue its good work.

Mrs. Fung and I are heartened by the rapid progress being made all over China and are confident that China will soon take its place among the great nations in the world.

Date: January 1996

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