My Involvement With Chinese Cultural
Activities: How They Have Benefited Me

By: Yanjun Hu
North County Chinese School

Chinese culture activities have many kinds. These activities have benefited me. It has made me understand the Chinese cultures more deeply, get along with families and friends, and interest in Chinese community services.

Chinese culture activities include many kinds. Chinese have many holidays. The Chinese think holidays are very important. When they celebrate a holiday, they are full with excitement. Some important holidays of Chinese are Spring Festival, Moon Festival, Lantern Festival and Dragon Boat Festival. The Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) is the most important holiday. The Chinese are very lively during the New Year. On the Chinese New Year, people should wear new clothes and wear new hats. These means do away the old and change it for new. At night, the whole family reunites and eats dinner together. On the New Years day, people cook many delicious meals.

On New Year, my Chinese school holds a Chinese New Year celebration. It was very exciting. Every class prepared many delicious foods or toys. On that day, we also have lion dance. The Chinese school frequently has many activities related to Chinese culture. For instance, we watched Chinese opera and “The White Snake," visited Chinese Historical Museum and Xi Fang Temple as well as many other kinds of Chinese culture activities. These culture activities made me learn new knowledge, understand many Chinese cultures and history.

These Chinese culture activities have benefited me. I am a Chinese. I should know Chinese cultures. Everyone should understand his or her own country’s culture. I am in America, but I should not forget my culture and I should learn more about Chinese culture. Chinese have a long-standing culture. The Chinese school’s culture activities taught many Chinese cultures and histories to me. After visiting The Chinese Historical Museum, I know that Chinese have a very long-standing history of thousands of years. Chinese culture is also very special. After visiting Xi Fang Temple, I understand Chinese Buddhism. Chinese opera and the play -- “The White Snake” made me to become interested in Chinese history, art and literature. I also acquired some knowledge. The understandings of Chinese culture have benefited me.

The Chinese culture activities regarding my interaction with my families and friends have also benefited me. The Chinese culture is that children should respect elders and elders should love children. Chinese likes to be lively. On New Year, families gather together to celebrate. Everybody talks and laughs. It is very lively. At night, everyone eats the delicious dinner together. Families and friends’ relationships are very close, very intimate. Elders and children respect and love each other. Everyone is also very polite. Lantern Festival is also a family reunion day. On that day, families gather together to eat dumplings made from glutinous rice flour and stuffed with sweet fillings. It is very lively. Chinese culture activities helped me to make many Chinese friends.

I also have interest in Chinese community services, because it also has benefited me. My family frequently attends community activities hold by Chinese. For instance, celebration activities involve The Return of Hong Kong to China. They hold a celebration for The Return of Hong Kong to China. They have many programs. It includes singing and dancing etc. I have also attended the memorial activities of the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) and Spring Festival get-together party. I am a Chinese. I should do some services for the Chinese community.

Chinese culture activities have many different kinds. These activities have many benefits. Regarding the understanding of Chinese culture, interaction with families and friends, service to Chinese community all have benefits. Chinese culture activities are good for acquiring knowledge and understanding.

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