What Freedom Means


By: Marice M. Romero

A Fourth Grade Student at Bethune Elementary School, San Diego, California, U.S.A.

I believe that freedom is living your own way of life. You can choose what person you want to become.

In some countries, your way of life is already planned. You cannot become the person you want to be. Other people control your actions and the things that you do. I think that the person who controls you should be yourself.

Long ago, our forefathers fought for our freedom, our country, our future. They believed that they should be treated fairly.

Other countries too fought for what they knew was right. They fought for their own futures, and the futures of others after them.

Sometime in the 1600s, people in Africa were taken to America. They were forced to work and were treated like animals. They were called slaves. They worked hard for fear of being whipped, or even worse, being killed.

Freedom to me is being able to do what you want, as long as it is fair to society. That is what freedom means to me.

This midi background music is a medley of patriotic music from Prairie Ridge Website.

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