Recovery of Chinese Artworks

An article in the San Diego Union/Tribune newspaper, dated February 9, 1998, reported that the World Jewish Congress was investigating the whereabouts of more than 100,000 artworks looted during World War II and that Senator Alfonso D'Amato planned to introduce legislation regarding the stolen art.

Coincidentally, the International Daily News (a Chinese newspaper) on January 27, 1998, reported that Professor S.C. Lin, Department of Chinese Art History, Nanking Art Academy, China, had discovered that more than 23,000 Chinese paintings were looted during World War II. Professor Lin believes that about one third of these looted painting are in the United States.

A follow-up article in the San Diego Union/Tribune, "Help Sought in Sorting Claims on Nazi Art Loot"(February 14, 1998), reported that the Congress passed and sent to President Clinton the Holocaust Victims' Redress Act, which mandates the return of possessions confiscated by Nazis. It seems reasonable that a new resolution should be introduced to include all artworks that were looted, including Chinese artworks that were looted and now reside in many museums.

I hope you will take part in the recovery of Chinese treasures. At this moment, please spread the word around and be part of this effort. Your suggestions are most welcome. If you know of anyone or any group that are currently involved with similar project, please let me know. You could also write to your U. S. Senators and Representatives for your area to get their support.


E-MAIL: Nancy C. H. Lo, Ph.D.
Recovery of Looted Chinese Treasures Committee


The Recovery of Looted Chinese Treasures Committee under the Association for Preserving Historical Accuracy of Foreign Invasions in China was formed in May, 1998. Committee members are Sung Yu, Jack Meng, Michael Lee, K.C. Chien,Claudia Ma, Frank Liu and Nancy Lo.

Since March, the committee has collected 1300 petition signatures from San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. We will be sending a letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Brian Bilbray and hope that Rep. Bilbray and Senator Feinstein will help us with this project.

As a documented example: The Encyclopedia of Chinese Artists (in Chinese) by Yu Jian-hua indicates that (possibly during the boxer rebellion,) Americans looted "Portrait of 13 Emperors" by Yen Li-pen. This painting is now in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

E-MAIL: Nancy C. H. Lo, Ph.D.
Recovery of Looted Chinese Treasures Committee

Update Posted: August 1998

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